Issue II

Our second issue reflects the volumes philosophy. We continued sharing diverse culture and traditions from the continents. Anything that relates to hunting, we are sure you'll find an amazing article published.

Over twenty four articles of interesting content with true diversity written by world known collaborators.


Falconry's relationship with UNESCO

Mr Gary Timbrell, CEO of the International Association for Falconry and Conservation of Birds of Prey, shares with us a unique insight of falconry's relation practice with UNESCO.

A brief history of wildfowling

Sir Johnny Scott, a natural historian, broadcaster, columnist, countryside campaigner and farmer. Explains in brief the history of wildfowling.

The land of gunmakers

Our editor-in-chief, Mr Lucas Micallef writes about his recent experience to one of Italy's spectacular regions. With great gun dog companions, and an amazing gun maker.

Elusive woodcock

A great asset for the research of Woodcock and how hunting can be an aid for its conservation. Mr Owen Williams an artist and researcher explains his field work over the years conducting research.