Meet The Editorial Board


Lucas Micallef

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HUNT magazine has been something Lucas Micallef has been thinking for years, to have a high-end collectable quality publication, and after bouncing off the idea, the project for HUNT magazine came to life. Today, Lucas is the Editor-in-Chief of HUNT magazine. Back in 2014 he founded and currently is the director of Europe’s largest growing hunting and shooting portal, Lucas has been involved in coordinating hunting documentaries for Sky Italia – Caccia, and involvement with other global stream media. 


He is currently Head of Delegation for the Youth Opinion of the Council of Game and Wildlife (CiC), member of the Firearms and Ammunition working groups for Federation for European Hunting Associations (FACE), he is also delegate for the Federation Internationale de Tir Aux Sportives de Chasse (FITASC). Lucas is also involved in the World Forum of Shooting Activities (WFSA), and had been consultant to several important brands from the trade and provided consultation to government entities regarding firearms. 


He has been knighted with the Knights Order of St John of Jerusalem and was promoted to the rank of Commander back in 2018.


He currently holds the position of President of the Malta Falconers Club and Public Relationship Officer for the Federation for Hunting and Conservation Malta. Lucas has hunted practically everywhere across the globe, either with smoothbore shotguns or rifles. 


Federico Cusimano

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Federico Cusimano, was born in Palermo on August 7, 1969, is married with two daughters and now lives and works for over twenty years in Rome. In his role of journalist and television author, he has conducted several TV documentaries about sustainable hunting activities all over the world mainly on SKY Italy Caccia e Pesca.


A born hunter, Federico, loves all forms of hunting, his main passions being big

game hunting and that of hunting over hunting dogs, which he undertakes in

Italy and in several other countries. He has led the way for the magazine

Caccia Passione and collaborates with the major Italian hunting publications,

including: Diana, Ball Hunting, Hunting and Nature, etc. Federico was vice

president of the Safari Club International Central Italy Chapter, and is currently

a regional representative of its Italian Chapter, besides being also a member of

the Italian CIC delegation. He chairs a group of hunters who formed an

association for the hunting and conservation of the wild boar.

After so many years of field experience all over the continents, Federico is

firmly convinced that modern sustainable hunting, land management,

exploitation of wild species, and agriculture can all be important economic

and environmental resources, and essential for the hunting tourist's contact

with nature, in many areas of Italy and many other countries in the

Mediterranean basin.


Gary Timbrell

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Gary Timbrell is CEO for the International Association for Falconry and Conservation of Birds of Prey, the International Non-government Organization that represents the falconers in 90 countries, 110 clubs, associations and conservation groups. IAF was founded in 1968 and is a participant in all the conservation conventions and Multi-Government Agreements and is an accredited INGO to the UNESCO Intangible Heritage.


IAF has its head-office in a 17th century building in central Brussels. Gary has been its CEO since 2014, but has worked with IAF since 1999, first as Delegate for Ireland, then as its Public Relations Officer, Chairman of the Advisory Committee and Executive Secretary.

He lives in Co Cork, commuting to the Brussels office and to meetings and conferences all over the world to advise, network and share expertise among the many different falconry communities. This huge amount of travelling has somewhat curtailed his hunting activities, except as a spectator. He no longer rides with hounds, something he did for forty years in the UK,  Ireland and France where he was a passionate follower of French grande vénerie.


He formerly enjoyed pigeon shooting and stalking, but above all he is a falconer, with experience with sparrow-hawks, merlins and crow-hawking with peregrines in a falconry career that began in 1972.


Simon West

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Simon is the Executive Director of the Gun Trade Association, protecting, promoting and representing Trade interests in the United Kingdom.  The Association which was founded in 1891 has 600 members ranging from small gun shops to the great historic names of British Gunmaking.


Previously he completed a broad ranging career in the British Army including time in advanced gun research, information warfare and deployments in Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Central America, Afghanistan and Eastern Europe.


Simon started air rifle shooting aged 11, quickly moving on to the .303 Lee Enfield in the cadet corps at Epsom College.  Still a keen rifle shot, he is a deer manager on private estates in the South of England and with the Ministry of Defence Deer Management team.  He enjoys winter days on a walked up game bird shoot, occasionally carrying a muzzle loader.  Since 1997 he has run a small business casting bronze cannon.


He is a member of the Court of the Worshipful Company of Gunmakers of the City of London and chairs their Certification Panel, approving the pass out of apprentices in the art and crafts of gunmaking.


In 2015 he was awarded an OBE by HM Queen Elizabeth II for services to Defence.


Roberto Basso

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Dr Roberto Basso was born in Saluzzo (CN) in 1957. He holds a Degree in Biological Sciences, Director of the Civic Museum of Natural History of Jesolo (VE). He is included in the Register of Experts of the Venice Chamber of Commerce on fauna and hunting matters, passionate about ecology and environmental restoration. He has been several times appointed consultant or attending hearings in the European Parliament and in Italy in the Chamber of Deputies. He is author of over 200 publications and scientific books ( 


He is considered one of the leading Italian experts in the field of culture, traditions and hunting collecting. From 1982 to today he has directed and founded some of the most important Italian museum structures; in the Salento peninsula in Lecce, in the Aspromonte Park in Reggio Calabria, the Garda Nature Museum on Lake Garda (VR) in the Po Delta Park in Ferrara and Jesolo (VE). He developed new interactive teaching modules for schools of all levels and levels, even outdoors. 

It was the most important library and historical archive dealing with fauna management and hunting and fishing in Europe. Over the years he has received a multitude of certificates and recognition for its ongoing commitment to scientific teaching and museology. The most important was in January of the year 2000, at the Aula Magna of the University of Bologna, together with the ethologist Prof. Danilo Mainardi. He is also the founder of the National Association A.R.C.A. 113 Ecologico Onlus, one of the most important Italian association movements that also protects the hunting culture and traditions. He created the Museum & Editorial Service (


Michael Reiss von Filski

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Michael was born in Switzerland and studied in Zurich, Germany and the United Kingdom. 


He holds an LLM in Commercial Law, as well as a diploma in EU Law from King’s College, London. He is the Global CEO of GGI, the leading organization of law firms, accounting firms and consulting firms. Michael is the chairman of AILFN, the global association of law firm networks and an accredited observer to the EU Parliament.


He worked in the diplomatic service and became the chief executive of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Switzerland thereafter. In 2003, he joined GGI and its founding member, a leading Swiss family office. Michael serves as non-executive director in several companies and is a highly regarded advisor to individuals of high net worth. He is a member of the International Advisory Board of LSM (Louvain School of Management, Belgium) and has received different knighthoods and distinctions from all over the world, such as the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award by the Hon. Barack Obama, former President of the United States of America.


His interest in guns developed gradually from early childhood. Michael enjoys shooting clays and hunting in Spain, the United Kingdom, France and Argentina.


Louise Farmer

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Louise Farmer grew up in the English countryside, in a county rich with pheasant and partridge sporting estates. Her father was a Gamekeeper and she spent all of her free time helping him to look after the birds and manage the wildlife. She never missed a shoot day and from an early age was keen to get involved and accompany her father wherever he went, whether is be lamping foxes until late at night, feeding the young pheasant poults during the wet winter weather or waving a flag on the flank of a beating line.


Learning about the birds and mammals that are wild in the countryside, watching their behaviours and habits was fascinating when a young girl. She was taught from an early age the reasons for controlling wildlife numbers and the detrimental effects of non-managed species. This interest in managing and creating habitats within the countryside has always been a focus and her passion for wildlife, conservation and natural science has always been with her.


A childhood living in a rural community taught respect and awe of wildlife which has forged her career within fieldsports. Obtaining a degree in Veterinary Health & Animal Science, over ten years, Louise lectured at a college on the subjects of Animal Welfare, Wildlife Management and then on to teach Countryside Management and Gamekeeping.

Her current role is within the largest shooting organisation in the UK where she develops and creates shooting opportunities, encourages best practice and standards and supports existing shooters.


Louise is an avid deer stalker in the UK and takes much pride in introducing and encouraging more women into rifle shooting and deer management. She is extremely interested in Scandinavian hunting practices and wildlife management ethics and has hunted in Denmark and Sweden on a number of occasions.


She is a keen mentor and loves to teach newcomers to shooting whether be stood with a novice game shot on a driven pheasant day, accompanying a novice deer stalker on their first hunt or teaching the public how to prepare and cook game meat. Educating the non-shooting is so important and she feels it is everyone’s duty to show how ethical and responsible our shooting community is.


Claire Zambuni

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Claire Zambuni is Director of Zambuni PR, who work with outdoor adventure and hospitality brands to raise their profiles in the industry. Claire has combined her passion for field sports and writing talent to become one of the UK's best-known lady shots and former field sports columnist, building partnerships with the sector's top media, brands and heavy hitting industry figureheads. Claire is passionate about educating people about the benefits of the outdoors, such as fly fishing and her love of yoga. 


Claire communicates this love of the outdoors through her writing, client campaigns and social media. Alongside this, Claire is concerned with welfare and best practice within the shooting industry and has combined this passion by working alongside organisations and brands who triumph this message to the wider industry. 


Claire is also passionate about encouraging more people to eat and understand game and wild food. She is a member of the Worshipful Company of Gunmakers and a Chevalier of the Order of St Hubert. Claire loves her  fly fishing and hunting adventures with friends in the UK and abroad.


Wolfgang von Brauchitsch

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Wolfgang von Brauchitsch was born in Germany and studied economics at the RWTH Aachen and Law at the Friedrich-Wilhelm University Bonn, Germany. He descends from an old family whose origins can be traced back to Silesia, where their first mention is documented in the year 1259.

After graduation Wolfgang, decided to engage in Photography, soon becoming a well-known portrait photographer for the German and International top management of mainly listed companies. He works for nearly all important press publications and companies, among those ArcelorMittal and Bloomberg News. A broad selection of his artistic work as photographer can be found on Getty Images.


After retirement, Wolfgang started a career as a gun writer for German hunting-magazines. Interested in the history of arms, he is writing his own blog Hunting-Heritage. As a keen hunter and shooter, he particularly enjoys hunting together with his wife and their German Spaniels.