All hunters know that no matter how thrilling the chase, it is the friendships formed in the field, between people bound together by the ties of a shared passion, that last longest in the heart and soul. Because all hunters - whether they favour stalking stags over rugged terrain, wingshooting, falconry, or ferreting - are connected by something shared deep in their souls.


HUNT Magazine is for these people. The new bi-annual publication, feature some of the finest writers and photographers in the community. HUNT will not only focus on the timeless tales of hunters and their quarry, but also the history, artistry, craft and science of hunting. 


There will be articles on the importance of hunting to conservation efforts around the world (and vice-versa), reviews of hunting museum collections, and investigations into the making of the tools that we use to hunt, all written by expert contributors drawn from all four corners of the planet. 


We aim to shine a spotlight on the hunting communities around the world, their traditions and rituals, and celebrate them in all their variety, bringing the hunting community closer together, creating a strong voice to help promote and protect hunting culture. 


HUNT’s two annual editions will provide a physical, collectable, reminder that we are part of a great interconnected world of hunting.