Issue I

Our first issue as had been forecast, amazed the World. We have put months of energy to bring out the first issue, to express our passion and share the diverse culture and identity accross the globe.

Ou first issue has brought over twenty eight articles, with diversity from falconry, bow hunting, collections, gun makers, decoy history, deer stalking and more


The golden hour

This article is truly one of the most inspiring ever published by us. Gunnar shared with us an asthonishing experience of him and his wife hunting ptarmigan in spectacular Icelandic habitat.

The royal armouries experience

Mr Mark Murray-Flutter writes and interesting article about the royal armouries. The hunting  inspiration of hunters and explorers whom explored the British empire at its prime.

Paul Roberts

A legend in gun making, we had an exclusive interview of Mr Paul Roberts. A passionate person for hunting, and firearms. 

He shares with us his story and highlights of his career as a gun maker. 


World known bow hunter, Mr Pedro de Ampuero explains the emotion he experiences from when he draws the arrow and releases to a standing animal without breaking the sound of silence.