Vol. 2 Issue I

Emerging from crisis and getting used to a new way of living, all the while doing our utmost to continue enjoying our passion and conserving what is most important to us, is the theme of VOL II Issue I. 


Hunters and shooting enthusiasts alike will relate to much of the content within, penned from the heart by collaborators from around the world.



The Compagnons of Saint-Hubert 

Tom Van de Maele writes about the brotherhood hunting fraternity of St. Hubert. Its history and difficulties that were faced during the pandemic for their annual celebration.


500 Years of History and Excellence

Our Editor-in-Chief Lucas Micallef visits the triumphant house of Beretta in Brescia. He gets to experience the course of a 500 year old journey of gunmaking.

The Northernmost Hunters

Documentary photographer Bryan Alexander, shares with us images which were never published before. He writes about the Inughuit, the Northernmost group of indigenous hunters.


Draw and Loose

 Belgian Bowhunting President Stefaan Rothier shares with us how increasingly popular bowhunting is becoming nowadays. A 50,000 year old technique that has evolved in many ways, although the technique and approach remained the same.