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Whether stalking deer in the ancient forests of Europe, practicing falconry in the highlands of Scotland or pursuing challenging driven boar in Europe's densest forests, you can expect to read about it in the forthcoming volumes of the magazine.


HUNT magazine will also include the reviews of the finest museum hunting collections, articles discussing the craftsmanship and skills involved in making the tools we use to hunt, as well as stories of hunters and their quarry. As hunting is one of the most important and successful tools in protecting bio-diversity, we will also include articles about conservation from biologists and researchers.


The editorial advisory board, led by Founder and Editor-in-Chief Lucas Micallef, includes of some of the most respected members of the global hunting family to ensure that each edition is a collector’s item.


The exclusive bi-annual collectable publication


Vol.1 Iss.I

Our first issue as had been forecast, amazed the World. We have put months of energy to bring out the first issue, to express our passion and share the diverse culture and identity accross the globe.

Vol.1 Iss.II

Our second issue reflects the volumes philosophy. We continued sharing diverse culture and traditions from the continents. Anything that relates to hunting, we are sure you'll find an amazing article published.



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